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How long do the bars and desserts last?

The bars and desserts both have a shelf life of 6-9 months when stored in the freezer at all times. 

What do you use as a sweetener?

Date'd Nutrition believes in naturally derived sweeteners. Depending on the recipe, we use honey and maple syrup as sweetening agents.

How are the bars shipped and packaged?

The bars are sold as 8 packs and packaged into a vacuum sealed pouch in order to maintain proper freshness and structure while in transit.

How should we store Date'd products?

Our products do not freeze solid, therefore, should be stored in the freezer at all times to ensure optimal taste and texture.

What does raw mean?

 The term "raw" might scare some due to them comparing it to the same aspect of eating raw meat. That isn't the case here. Raw cashews that are found in health food stores are steamed rather than roasted to help preserve the nutrients of the nut while also killing off any harmful toxins that are carried when first harvested. Our bars only consist of healthy ingredients that are SAFE to consume. 


We get asked a lot about macros. At Date'd we strive to provide innovated recipes that are geared to also being well balanced with macronutrients in mind. With that being said, we firmly believe that quality ingredients trump macro based dieting. We understand that many people have eating restrictions, which is why our belief is solely centered around general eating habits. 

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